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How to Link Facebook and TikTok

To link your TikTok account with Facebook Page, follow these steps: Open your Facebook page Go to the About section Click Edit Page Info Go to the More section at the top and click Other Accounts Click the + sign Add your TikTok account Select TikTok Refresh your...

From Zero to TikTok Hero: The Thrilling Journey of Building Your Presence

The post offers a guide for expanding your TikTok presence, detailing strategies. For more in-depth advice, several resource videos are recommended.

Resizing videos for TikTok

To prepare videos for TikTok, resize them to a 9:16 aspect ratio using tools like Kapwing, VEED.IO, Adobe Express, Movavi, Final Cut Pro X, or iMovie. These services allow cropping, rotating, and editing to fit TikTok’s format.

Crawdaddys’ TikTok Marketing Guide: A 2-Week Journey

Pastis Enterprises shares our first two weeks on TikTok to boost our client Crawdaddys’ brand presence. Owner Keith Korsgaden, despite controversies, embraced the platform to connect with customers.