Beware of Scammers: Protect Your Domain and Hosting Services

domain registry scam

In recent times, scammers have become increasingly cunning, targeting unsuspecting individuals and businesses with deceptive tactics. One such ploy involves sending out fraudulent letters that closely resemble legitimate invoices for domain hosting and services. As a responsible service provider, Pastis Enterprises wants to ensure that our valued customers are well-informed and protected against these scams.

The Scam: Fake Invoices

Scammers often send out official-looking letters or emails claiming to be from reputable domain registrars or hosting companies. These communications mimic legitimate invoices, complete with logos, payment details, and due dates. However, they are nothing more than elaborate traps designed to deceive you into paying for services you don’t need or services that don’t exist. These scams have come to happen so often they even have their own slang: “domain slamming.”

How to Recognize the Scam

  1. Check the Sender: Always verify the sender’s authenticity. Legitimate communications will come directly from the Pastis Enterprises or South Valley Hosting official domain or email address. Be wary of generic or suspicious email addresses. Some of these scammers use names that sound so real: i.e. Domain Registry of America, Domain Networks, and Domain Listings, among others.
  2. Analyze the Content:
    • Look for inconsistencies in language, grammar, or formatting.
    • Scammers often pressure recipients with urgent payment requests or threats of service suspension.
    • Pay attention to the fine print—scammers may hide crucial details in the footnotes.
  3. Review the Charges:
    • Scammers inflate costs or charge for nonexistent services.
    • Compare the amounts to your actual service fees.
  4. Know Your Billing Cycle:
    • Pastis Enterprises bills our customers once a year, except in specific cases (which we’ll explain shortly).
    • If you receive an invoice outside your regular billing cycle, be cautious.

Legitimate Billing Practices by Pastis Enterprises

  1. Domain Renewal:
    • The cost of renewing a domain with Pastis Enterprises typically ranges from $12 to $30 annually.
    • We send renewal reminders well in advance, ensuring you have ample time to renew your domain.
  2. Hosting Fees:
    • Our hosting services are priced reasonably:
      • Annual Hosting: Ranges from $240 to $480 per year.
      • Monthly Hosting: Typically between $20 and $40 per month.
    • We provide reliable hosting solutions to keep your website running smoothly.

Exceptions to Annual Billing

  1. Special Circumstances:
    • Occasionally, there may be special situations where additional charges apply. These could include:
      • Upgrades: If you choose to upgrade your hosting plan mid-year.
      • Custom Services: Any personalized services beyond standard hosting.
      • Domain Transfers: Fees associated with transferring domains.

These invoices look so legitimate!

What to Do If You Suspect a Scam

  1. Contact Us Immediately:
    • If anything seems suspicious, reach out to Pastis Enterprises directly.
    • Call our customer support line or open a support ticket. We’re here to assist you.
    • Log into your customer account and check for any open invoices. You can also view all of your previous invoices and receipts.
  2. Real-Life Example:
    • Just like Samuel Woodland from the Exeter Veterans Memorial Building, who promptly contacted us when he received a suspicious letter. His vigilance saved him from falling victim to the scam.

Stay Vigilant

Keep your eyes open, dear customers! Scammers thrive on misinformation and fear. By staying informed and verifying any unexpected invoices, you can protect yourself and your business. Remember, Pastis Enterprises is committed to your security and satisfaction. If in doubt, give us a call—we’re here to help!

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