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We take care of keeping your website up to date, so you can keep your mind on your business.

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All of our managed websites include the following services.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting customers to your website is key to growing your business. We setup Google Analytics for you and optimize your content so you are getting the best results from your website.

Content Updates

Whether you need to change your hours, post a new menu or add to your blog, we’ll take it from here. Just send us the information and we’ll update your content. Or, if you prefer, you canmake changes yourself using the easy-to-use editor.

Social Networks

We’ll keep your customers in the loop, by linking your website to the social networks that are best suited for your business. Want a Instagram (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter…) page, but don’t have the time? Don’t worry, we’ll set it up for you.

Your Partner

We help you define the cornerstone of your online strategy. Our customers are never alone when they are with us. If you have an unmet need, we’ll figure out how to meet it. Every website is taylor made for each business. Let’s discuss what you need.

Security and Backups

All of our websites have SSL encryption. We also take monthly security checkups to make sure your site is protected. And, we take weekly backups just in case.

Timely Responses

Want a change? Our updates are usually made before the end of the work day or at least within 24 hours. We’ll never leave you hanging. We listen. When your other designer hasn’t even ackknowledged your request, we’ve heard you.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

Contact us via e-mail, or call us at (888) 977-6373. We’ll discuss your needs and will help you pick a package that fits your budget. We’ll also explain how the whole process works.

Let's Work Together!

Our team is ready to work with you, giving you unmatched industry knowledge, flexibility and results.

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