This tutorial assumes that you are already logged in to the WordPress admin panel as the admin user.

Now Let’s learn How to install and set up Mailchimp plugin in WordPress.

This tutorial assumes that you have an active account with MailChimp.

Mailchimp plugin helps you to add subscribers to your website using various method by creating good looking forms.

Point the mouse on Plugins and then click on Add New menu

In Search Plugins window, search for Mailchimp.

That’s it! You have successfully installed the Mailchimp plugin.

Click on Activate button in order to activate the plugin

The Mailchimp plugin is activated now.

Click on Settings option.

We have searched the plugin here.

Now, Click on Install Now button.

In MailChimp API Settings, provide the API key.

Click on Save Changes button.

You are now connected with your Mailchimp account.

Now Click on Forms menu under Mailchimp for WordPress option.

On the Edit form page, enter the title of your sign up form.

In the Form Fields section, click on the option that you want to add to your sign up form.

In order to add dynamic variables like Date and Time to your form click on Form variables button.

To add custom fields to your form, click on Add more fields button.

Click on Save Changes button.

Click the Messages Tab.

The Forms Message section helps to configure the messages that to be shown to visitor on certain incidents while filling the Sign up form on your wordpress website.

You can configure these options as per your requirements.

Click on Save changes button.

Click on Settings tab.

The Settings tab helps you to configure options for your website subscribers.

Configure the Form settings as per your requirements.

Let’s configure the Mailchimp plugin.

Form behaviour options helps you to configure post sign up behaviour of your website.

Select the radio button in Hide form after a successful sign-up option as per your requirement.

Fill in the URL that you want to show your visitor after successful sign-up.

Click on Save Changes button.

Click on Appearance tab.

Click on Form Style drop down window to select the Form style in Form Appearance section.

Click on Save Changes button.

To Preview the form click on Preview this form button.

Now, click on Integrations menu.

Enabled integrations section helps you to integrate other form plugins.

In order to use these forms, install and activate the corresponding plugin.

Click on Other menu.

In Miscellaneous settings section, configure Usage Tracking option as per your requirements.

Configure the Logging options as per your requirement.

Click on Empty Log button to clear the Debug logs whenever you want.

Click on Save Changes button.

That’s it, You have successfully configured the Mailchimp plugin.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to install and set up Mailchimp plugin in WordPress.