One of the reasons we love doing what we do–converting manuscripts and publishing eBooks–is that we get to read some of the best books by new authors. This is one of those times. Courage Born of Faith by Edward Boersma is a radically comprehensive story of a Dutch family which survived the NAZI yoke during the occupation of the Netherlands in World War II. Hiding and feeding Jews was the right thing to do, but HARD, since survival was never guaranteed for the one offering aid or the Jew. The author, Edward Boersma, did a compelling job of telling about his family which lived through it all, survived, and like Job in the Old Testament, gained rich blessings.

The book is available as a paperback on Amazon and as an eBook on Smashwords.


Extended Description:

Heading westward into the wind, ten year old Eddie pedaled his bike as hard as he could. Ahead of him was his mother, also on her bike; behind him, two “uncles” recruited by his father to oversee this little caravan as it fled to safety into the early morning darkness. There was a suitcase on each bike. Eddie’s two little sisters each sat on a suitcase behind an “uncle.” They traveled to a small town named Zweeloo, 25 to 30 miles from their home. The going was hard, with headwinds, and fear of German checkpoints. One of the “uncles” pulled Eddie along with a piece of rope. Little did Eddie know this would not be the last time they were forced to flee, to run and hide. Would they be caught next time, or worse yet, killed? Where is dad all through this? Why isn’t he here helping us? “Courage Born of Faith…An Account Of Survival Under The Nazi Yoke…” is a well told account of this family who lived through it all, survived, and like Job in the Old Testament, gained rich blessings.


Biography: Edward Boersma was born in the small town of Nieuw Amsterdam, in the province of Drenthe, the Netherlands. In 1934, Edward’s family immigrated to America in December 1947. The family settled in Bellflower, California. Ed graduated from California State University, Long Beach, in 1960. He began his teaching career in 1961 and was in the education field for ten years. While a senior at California State University, Long Beach, he published a paper with his Geography professor, Dr. Burton Anderson, entitled, “The Changing Location Factors of the Los Angeles Milkshed.” Ed has been self employed for many years in enterprises closely related to agriculture. He lives in Visalia, California with his wife Betty, a Queensland Heeler dog and a cat, both named Jack. His passions are sailing, flying, reading and travel in his RV.