Award of Excellence Presented by California Park & Recreation Society District 6

April Pastis of Pastis Enterprises was presented an Award of Excellence by California Park & Recreation Society District 6 for her work on the Marina Recreation and Cultural Services Department’s Virtual Recreation Center.

At the onset of Covid-19, Marina Recreation and Cultural Services created and sustained a Virtual Recreation Center for Marina residents. Pastis created the Virtual Recreation Center in March and continues to update it. As a major way of reaching Marina citizens during Covid-19, the center has sustained a connection with Recreation Department patrons. “This is a clear example of excellence in programming and adjusting to the Covid-19 pandemic to respond to and maintain that relationship with user groups,” wrote Terry Siegrist, Recreation & Cultural Services Director.

Virtual Recreation CenterThe Virtual Recreation Center offers resources to provide for continuing recreation and health during the pandemic in six categories: Health and Fitness, Nutrition, Nature and Virtual Travel, Education, Activities and Fun, and Arts and Crafts. In addition, the center has special resources for Seniors. To view the resources, visit

The City of Marina has contracted with April Pastis as a website consultant to further development and improve informational technology for the city’s website In this capacity, Pastis provides city officials, employees and citizens with assistance in keeping the website functioning and up-to-date.

Director Terry Siegrist said, “I am very thankful for everything April does for us. We have been getting excellent comments from our Marina residents on what a good site it is.”

Marina Recreation and Cultural Services Department also received an award of excellence for its Covid-19 Citywide Food Distribution Program. Since March, the program has been providing Marina residents with twice-weekly food distribution. Three Marina community organizations were also named in the Professional and Service Awards category: Monterey County Food Bank, Boys & Girls Club Monterey County and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Missionaries in the California San Jose Mission.

Marina City Council member Cristina Medina Dirksen remarked, “We all know how valuable our recreation team are and it’s time everyone else in our region know as well.”

Recreation & Cultural Services Commissioner Bob Nolan said “After a crazy year, I think we all realize what an awesome Rec and Cultural program we had and will return to soon.” He added, “Our programs far exceed those of our nearby city neighbors, both socially and economically.”

Chair the City of Marina’s Recreation and Cultural Service Commission Jeff Uchida said that Recreation and Cultural Services director Terry Seigrist was responsible for Marina’s great programs. “Without Terry’s leadership, not of this would be done. We are extremely fortunate to have him.”

Dan Meewis, Recreation Director for the City of Seaside echoed, “The County is grateful to have him.”

CPRS is a membership organization with 4,000 members representing the 535 local parks and recreation agencies throughout the state. The mission of CPRS is to advance the profession and its members through education, networking, resources, and advocacy.

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