Adding an Event

In this tutorial, we give you a step-by-step guide to adding a calendar event to your new website.

Click on the small arrow to start the video.


Step 1: Make sure that you are logged into your site.

Step 2: Locate your user menu. It will only be available if you are logged in.

Step 3: Click on the Add Event link to bring up the event editor.

Step 4: Fill in the title, and check the box that the event is published.

Step 5: Write a description of the event or paste it in from a previously written article.

Step 6: Click on the second tab called “Sessions” and input the location, date and time of the event. Note that time is in 24 hour format. If you need help with that format, you can use our 24-hour Cheat Sheet.

Step 7. Click Save.

You should see a note that the event was saved. That’s it.

More tutorials are available for specific areas at You can also contact us at any time for more assistance.

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