Yes! You need a mobile ready website

I got a call yesterday from a prospective client who was on the fence about whether he needed a redesign of his website. The site hadn’t been updated since 2012 and he knew the content was out of date but wasn’t sure if the design needed to be overhauled.
Well, I wasn’t at my computer so I brought up the website on my mobile phone and as I looked at the awkward, unresponsive design I knew the answer. Chances are you’re in the same boat.
In 2015, Google announced it was changing it’s search engine algorithm for ranking websites so that websites that weren’t “mobile-ready” would be penalized. That means that if you haven’t changed your website since then, chances are you are steadily losing web traffic. Even if you’ve managed to maintain your Google ranking, you need to keep your customers in mind. With 60% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, your website needs to be able to adapt to their needs.
A responsive website design allows users to be able to read and navigate your site regardless of how they are visiting it.
Take a look at your website from your cell phone, then call me at (559) 492-7745 for a redesign.

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