Why Small Businesses Should Embrace Hump Wednesdays

Hump Wednesday, Cool Camel takes it easy.

As the week chugs along, small business owners often find themselves caught in the hustle and bustle of daily operations. The midweek slump hits hard, and the weekend still feels like a distant mirage. But fear not! There’s a quirky tradition that can inject some much-needed energy into your workweek: Hump Wednesdays.

What’s the Deal with Hump Wednesdays?

You might wonder, “Why celebrate Wednesdays? Isn’t it just another day of the grind?” Well, my entrepreneurial friend, let me break it down for you:

  1. Camels Set the Mood: Picture a camel trudging across the desert, its hump swaying rhythmically. That hump represents the midpoint of the week—the Wednesday. Just like our desert-dwelling friends, we need a little boost to keep going. So, channel your inner camel and embrace Hump Wednesdays!
  2. Break the Monotony: Mondays are for coffee-fueled optimism, Tuesdays for tackling tasks, but Wednesdays? They’re the perfect opportunity to shake things up. Surprise your team with a midweek treat—a batch of fresh-baked cookies, a spontaneous dance-off, or a mini-office scavenger hunt. Break the monotony, and watch productivity soar.
  3. Celebrate Progress: Small victories deserve recognition. Use Wednesdays to reflect on what your business has achieved so far. Did you land a new client? Hit a sales milestone? Survive a chaotic Monday meeting? Celebrate it! Pop open a metaphorical bottle of sparkling cider (or real cider if it’s after 5 PM) and toast to progress.
Hump Wednesday, Cool Camel takes it easy.

But Wait, Aren’t We Supposed to Hustle?

Ah, the age-old dilemma: hustle versus rest. Small business owners wear many hats—CEO, accountant, marketing guru, and janitor (because someone’s gotta unclog that sink). It’s tempting to skip celebrations and keep grinding. But here’s the secret: Rest fuels hustle.

  1. Recharge Your Creative Juices: Hump Wednesdays provide a breather. Use this time to brainstorm, doodle, or daydream. Creativity thrives when you’re not drowning in spreadsheets or chasing invoices.
  2. Boost Morale: Happy employees are productive employees. A midweek celebration lifts spirits, fosters camaraderie, and reminds everyone why they love working for your small business.
  3. Laurels Are Overrated: Sure, you can’t rest on them, but who wants to? Instead, weave them into a victory wreath and wear it proudly. Celebrate your laurels, then set new goals. Wednesdays are about acknowledging achievements while keeping an eye on the horizon.


So, my fellow business adventurers, mark your calendars. Every Wednesday, gather your team, raise a glass (or a coffee cup), and say, “Here’s to humps, hustle, and the wild ride of entrepreneurship!” 🐪🥂

Remember, even if you can’t rest on your laurels, you can certainly dance around them. Happy Hump Wednesday! 🎉



June 28: Create a summer-themed window display contest with customer voting.

June 23: Offer a discount to customers who share a photo with your product.

June 24: Host a “Meet the Makers” event with local artisans or producers.

June 25: Provide a free service or consultation day.

June 26: Start a weekly summer blog series with tips related to your business.

June 27: Offer an exclusive discount to your email subscribers.

June 28: Create a summer-themed window display contest with customer voting.

June 29: Give back to the community with a portion of the day’s sales going to a local charity.

June 30: End the month with a customer appreciation event.

Remember, the key to successful marketing is consistency and engagement. Use these ideas as a starting point and adapt them to fit your unique business and community. Happy marketing!

Feel free to adjust these ideas to better suit your business’s specific needs and goals. Good luck with your June marketing!

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