Reviving the Past: How We Brought an Old Email Newsletter Back to Life

Pastis Enterprises rejuvenated a client’s defunct email newsletter, targeting 2688 subscribers, achieving a 9.56% open rate and a 1.3% click-through rate. Despite mixed results, the effort underlined email marketing’s value in direct communication and higher conversions compared to social media.

10 Fun April Fool’s Day Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Showcase your brand’s playful side with these fun April Fool’s Day pranks for your website. Pastis Enterprises promises to enhance your business through exceptional web and marketing services.

From Zero to TikTok Hero: The Thrilling Journey of Building Your Presence

The post offers a guide for expanding your TikTok presence, detailing strategies. For more in-depth advice, several resource videos are recommended.

Resizing videos for TikTok

Resizing videos for TikTok

To prepare videos for TikTok, resize them to a 9:16 aspect ratio using tools like Kapwing, VEED.IO, Adobe Express, Movavi, Final Cut Pro X, or iMovie. These services allow cropping, rotating, and editing to fit TikTok’s format.

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