Revitalize Your Content with AI Image Creator

Betty Boop in the style of Van Gogh

Microsoft Image Creator is a fun way to breathe life into your blog and social media posts. It is a great tool for bloggers, social media managers, and anyone who needs high-quality images for their projects. Have you tried it yet?

Microsoft Image Creator is a free AI art generator that allows users to create images based on their prompts. The tool was previously known as Bing Image Creator and was renamed to Image Creator from Microsoft Designer. It is powered by DALL-E 3, the latest of OpenAI’s visual projects, which features improved image quality, more accurate prompt processing, and enhanced details within images.

A blog post without images is like a pizza without cheese – still good, but seriously lacking that extra oomph! Adding images to your blog is like sprinkling confetti on a celebration; it just makes everything more vibrant and engaging! Think about it: when you’re scrolling through your favorite blogs, what catches your eye first? It’s those colorful, captivating images that scream, “Hey you, yes you, come take a peek!” Images aren’t just pretty decorations; they’re the flashy accessories that turn your content from “meh” to “wowza” in the blink of an eye!

Picture this: you’re cruising through the vast expanse of the internet, looking for some juicy content to sink your teeth into, when suddenly, you stumble upon a blog post. Excitedly, you click on it, only to be greeted by…wait for it…stock images! Cue the sad trombone! Using stock images in your blog is like serving up yesterday’s leftovers – sure, it might fill you up, but where’s the flavor, the pizzazz, the zing? Your readers deserve better, my friend, they deserve the real deal!

But how can you stand out from the crowd when your blog looks like a cookie-cutter replica of every other blog out there? But fear not, brave blogger! There’s light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s called Image Creator! Instead of relying on stale stock images, why not flex those creative muscles and create your own visual masterpieces with a little help from AI?

So, ditch those stock images, my friend, and let your creativity run wild – your blog will thank you, and so will your readers!

First I’ll go over how to get started using Microsoft Image Designer then we’ll get to the fun part. Here are the steps to begin:

  1. Go to the Image Creator from Designer and log in. You don’t need Microsoft Edge to access the Image Creator from Designer. Just go to and click on Join & Create to log in to your Microsoft account and access the image generator. On the homepage for the Image Creator from Designer, click on Join & Create.
  2. Enter your prompt. Next, enter a description of the image you want to prompt the Image Creator to generate for you. You can provide additional context and details to refine the generated image.
  3. View your results. Once your images are ready, it’s time to check the results. You can view the generated images, usually between one and four choices, and choose the one that best fits your needs.
  4. Download your image(s). Once you have selected the image you want to use, you can download it to your device. You can also share the image on social media platforms or use it in your blog posts.

Sidebar: It’s worth noting that the Image Creator from Designer is not the only AI art generator available. Windows 11 Paint also has its own AI image generator tool. To use it, simply select the Designer icon in the sidebar or right-click on any input area that supports image insertion, and a pane on the right side of the page will open with the Image Creator experience. From there, you can create your image and copy and paste it into your social media posts, blog posts, and more, all within Microsoft Edge.

Let the fun (and silliness) begin!

If your mind comes up blank when faced with a text box, no worries; you can let AI come up with an idea for you. In the Explore Ideas tab click the button “Surprise Me” and AI fills in a suggestion. If you like it, click Create. Voila! You have an image.

Here are some of the crazy ones I’ve done

“Betty Boop in the style of Van Gogh and Cubism”

Betty Boop in the style of Van Gogh and Cubism
Betty Boop in the style of Van Gogh and Cubism

“Betty Boop in the style of Picasso”

“Hello Kitty in the style of Dadaism”

Another tip: suggest a specific style of art by inputing a comma then your favorite art style, such as:

Hello Kitty wearing a rain coat holding a laptop, standing in front of a burning hot tub, digital art”

Or even:
“Flower Child Betty Boop wearing a prison uniform holding an ax and standing in front of a lavender VW Bug, surreal art”

Don’t get carried away, as I did having fun. Remember your purpose was to illustrate a blog post. So here were some on a more serious subject:

“A cartoon of a penguin impressed with her new website by Pastis Enterprises”

“A modern cafe logo of a Penguin holding a laptop, located on a sign outside a brick building on a sunny, morning”

Or, for an image to illustrate my post on Website Design, I gave this prompt:
“Alien looking at Pastis Enterprises website design, Realism”

Of course, as with anything else, there are some down sides to Image Creator but it is true of most AI tools. The tool is not perfect yet. It has a problem with spelling and occasionally objects are weirdly distorted. Also renditions of humans can show them with three or even six fingers on a hand, lol. Some of these problems can be fixed with an image editor or if it’s unimportant to the subject you can just crop the image or run them as is. It’s not like your reader is going to complain about a guitar having two necks? Or maybe they will, you know your readers better than I.

Silly and fun I know, but my point is that you can actually use Image Creator to give you some inspiration and increase readership. Create images that turn your content from “meh” to “wowza” in the blink of an eye!

Now, let’s get real for a second. In a world where attention spans are shorter than a TikTok video, images are your secret weapon to keep readers hooked. We’re talking about the power of visual storytelling, my friend! A well-placed image can break up the monotony of text, guiding your readers through your blog like a trusty tour guide. Plus, they’re like little nuggets of joy sprinkled throughout your content, giving readers a well-deserved break from the sea of words. So, next time you’re crafting that killer blog post, use the Microsoft Image Creator – your readers will thank you, and your blog post will shine brighter than a disco ball at midnight (hey, that sounds like a good idea for another prompt)!

Ready to take your content from “meh” to “wowza”? Let’s paint the internet with pixels and creativity!

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