CACHE, The Center for Art Culture & History

Project Detail

  • Client: CACHE, The Center for Art Culture & History, Exeter
  • Date: April 2023
  • Category:Community, Non-profit
  • Project URL:


Welcome to the newly rebranded website for the Center for Arts, Culture and History – Exeter! Our team has meticulously crafted a digital space that reflects the essence of this organization. The project involved a comprehensive rebranding initiative, including the incorporation of a new logo, a vibrant color palette, and a complete restructuring of the website’s navigation.

Features and Enhancements

1. Fresh Look and Feel

Witness the transformation with our visually appealing design that harmonizes with the artistic spirit of the Center. The new logo and color palette breathe life into the website, creating an immersive experience for visitors.

2. Enhanced Navigation

We’ve revamped the navigation system for seamless exploration. Users can effortlessly navigate through various sections, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

3. Square Payment Gateway Integration

To empower the Center’s financial endeavors, we’ve seamlessly integrated a Square Payment Gateway. This allows for secure and convenient online transactions, including product sales and donations, contributing to the sustainability of this non-profit organization.

4. Multimedia Integration

Virtual Walk-throughs

Immerse yourself in the world of arts, culture, and history through our virtual walk-throughs. Explore exhibits and galleries from the comfort of your home, bridging the gap between physical and digital experiences.

Oral Histories

Delve into the rich tapestry of narratives with our oral histories feature. Listen to captivating stories that provide context and depth to the exhibits, creating a dynamic and engaging visit.

QR Code Experience

Enhance your on-site museum experience with scannable QR codes. Visitors can use their smartphones to access artist descriptions, adding an interactive layer to the displays.

5. Technology Stack

To bring this vision to life, we leveraged cutting-edge technologies:

WordPress Platform: A robust and flexible foundation for building dynamic and feature-rich websites.
WooCommerce: Empowering the website with e-commerce capabilities for seamless online transactions.
Document List Manager: Streamlining document organization and accessibility for efficient content management.
YouTube Feed: Integration of dynamic video content through a curated YouTube feed.
Events Calendar: Stay updated on upcoming events and activities with our interactive events calendar.

Continued Support

We continue to serve the Center for Arts, History and Culture, Exeter with our annual Maintenance Plan.

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