How to install and set up W3 Total Cache in WordPress

This tutorial assumes that you are already logged in to the WordPress admin panel as the admin user.

Now Let’s learn How to install and set up W3 Total Cache plugin in WordPress.

W3 Total Cache improves the SEO and user experience of your site by increasing website performance.

Point the mouse on Plugins and then click on Add New menu

In Search Plugins window, search for W3 Total Cache.

We have searched the plugin here.

Now, Click on Install Now button.

That’s it! You have successfully installed the W3 Total cache plugin.

Click on Activate button in order to activate the plugin

The W3 Total Cache plugin is activated now.

Click on Settings option.

Let’s configure W3 Total cache plugin.

Enable Preview Mode if you’re adjusting W3TC settings on a live website.

In Minify section, click on the check box to enable Minify option.

Keep all other settings as it is under Minify section.

Leave the Opcache code settings as it is.

In Database Cache section, click on the check box to enable the option.

In Opcode Cache section , click on the check box to enable the option.

In Object Cache Method select the option as per your hosting environment.

In Browser Cache section,click on the check box to enable the option.

In CDN section, click on the check box to enable the option if you have subscribed for CDN services.

Reverse Proxy section, to use this option you will need to install Varnish on your server and go through some advanced server configuration steps.

If you have the varnish server’s IPs , enable the option and configure the IPs in Varnish Servers Window.

The Monitoring section is used to integrate New Relic server monitoring with W3TC.

We will leave this option as it is.

In Fragment Cache Section select the Fragment Cache Method by clicking on dropdown window.

Verify your W3TC premium license key in License Window.

In Miscellaneous section, Enable the Optimize disk enhanced page and minify disk caching for NFS option.

Leave all of the other settings in the Miscellaneous section as it is.

Debug Mode should remain disabled unless you are actively using it.

Import/Export Settings option helps in duplicate plugin settings between multiple sites.

To copy the settings from other website, click on Choose file button in Import Configuration option and then click on Upload button.

Click on Download button to export the current settings in Export Configuration Option.

if you want a fresh start configuring W3TC plugin, click on Restore Default Settings button.

Now, click on Save all Settings and Purge Caches button.

Keep the Toggle all caching types on or off (at once) option disabled.

Keep the Page Cache and Page Cache Method options enabled.

Set the Minify mode to Manual.

Keep the Database Cache Method settings as it is.

Click on CDN type drop down window and select the CDN service which you have subscribed.

Configure the the Fragment Cache Method as per your hosting environment.

That’s it, You have successfully configured the W3TC plugin.

This is the end of this tutorial. You now know how to install and set up W3 Total cache plugin in WordPress.

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