Amazing WordPress Plugin Divi Builder

After having enjoyed the features of the Divi Builder Plugin, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on this unique software. At first, you might not even notice Divi Builder because it fits in so effortlessly with the Divi Theme. It comes installed in Divi theme and all one has to do is initiate it, by clicking on the purple box located above the media toolbox.

Despite what you might think, you do not have to have the Divi theme installed to use the builder.
With Divi Builder installed all you have to do is drag-and-drop blocks that represent images, modules, forms, galleries, portfolio, landing pages, and tons of plugins. You can move them around til your heart’s content. And, what makes it even more enjoyable is it switches between block layout and visual layout.
On top of the really cool ability to just drag things around, the designer also shows you how the site looks on any type of device, including mobile devices.

There is one minor problem with the Divi Builder, but it’s easy to resolve. If you’re like me, you may have the habit of leaving multiple tabs open on your browser. I did find that this seems to slow down the page that you’re using the Divi Builder on. I recommend closing all unnecessary tabs when using the builder.

If you’d like me to install this plugin on your WordPress site, let me know. I would highly recommend it. I’m still checking out all of its features, but I’d be glad to help you work with this awesome program.

If you’re not one of my customers and would like to check out the Divi Builder plugin, you can find more information on the Elegant Themes website, here.

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