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When you partner with us you receive superior website support. In addition, each of our packages includes a ton of freebies including domain name services, email accounts, privacy protection, domain theft protection, an easy-to-use Control Panel and much more.
About our company

Pastis Enterprises – South Valley Hosting is a small two-person company located in central California but together we have more experience than many large corporations. The benefit to our clients is that they get years of publishing, marketing, and online experience and every one gets a one-on-one relationship without getting lost in a corporate maze.

Our Story

Based in the South Valley of Central California, we have helped small businesses, organizations, and local governments with their website, publishing, and marketing needs.

With the addition of our new Weebly Website Builder program, we hope to be able to assist more small business owners and community organizations in finally getting online.


  • Information Architecture
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • eBook Conversion

What areas do we serve?

While its true, much of our services can be completed online, we believe face-to-face interaction with our customers is important. So we focus on serving the following cities throughout Tulare and Kings counties, California: Corcoran, Dinuba, Exeter, Farmersville, Hanford, Lemoore, Lindsay, Porterville, Tulare, Visalia, Woodlake.

  • Magazine and Newspaper Publishing
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Content Development
  • Technical Support
    …much more
About our team
Putting it all together for our clients

When you hire South Valley you don’t get a logo. You get more than that. With more than 60 combined years of experience in all forms of communication–from design to marketing, from publishing to development–we see the big picture. You don’t just get a logo, you get your own IT/Marketing department.

South Valley can give you the strategy to develop a course of action. Then, we help you develop the means and skill to execute that plan. Use our experience, talent, and skill and make the sure-shot to success.

Whether you know where you want to go and need help getting there, or want a specific project completed, we can help. South Valley means boundless communication opportunities for your message. Our careful planning and goal-focused creativity is rooted in knowledge and strategy. South Valley is your communications solution.

April Pastis

Creative Developer, Web Designer and All Around Geek

April has such a passion for technical innovation and graphic design, we swear she’d be designing web pages even if she didn’t get paid. Back in the mid-80s, she convinced us to switch our entire production department to personal computers when the Macintosh was just a gleam in Steve Job’s eye. An award-winning journalist who ventured into the self-publishing field, she was enlisted by several print and publishing groups to train graphic designers on the value of the personal computer. She was present for what became known as the desktop publishing revolution. Always eager to learn, she traded her technical knowledge with the talents of graphic designers and became a sought-after graphic designer. Still not satisfied, April caught the wave of web design launching websites back when a telephone line was required to get on the internet. Since then, she’s been keeping us on the fast-track to ever-changing internet technologies. Her guiding theme: “If a customer needs it, I can figure out how to do it, and how to make it easily accessible for the client.”

Steve Pastis

CEO, CFO, Publisher, and All Around Great Guy

Steve is the backbone of our company. He has been publishing special interest magazines and newspapers since the late 70s and is an expert in marketing, advertising campaigns, publications, and writing, In the late 70s, Steve launched the first newspaper targeted to the Greek-American community and, despite the warnings from established publishers, managed to make a profit on his first issue. Steve is our gregarious leader who we jokingly suggest “collects people.” Take a look at his LinkedIn page, and you’ll appreciate the huge range of contacts on his friends list, from musicians to car salesmen, and that’s just a small sampling of all his contacts. The benefit to our customers is that if you need something done and we can’t do it, Steve can and will put you in touch with someone who can. Steve is a man with vision, who understands the importance of knowing the long-term goals of our clients and how to accurately reflect and strengthen that message in their advertising, web marketing, and print campaigns. He also handles the record keeping, billing, shipping, and gathering and interpreting data to make sure that our company’s clients needs are met. His guiding theme: “Everybody likes me and I like everybody. Come tell me your dreams and lets make them a reality.”

About our approach
Our Approach

Insight and Action

You can count on South Valley Websites to provide your small business with complete online solutions, from web graphics to social media marketing, to hosting. We will give you options that are in line with your organization’s strategy.  We will put the right technology in place to help you automate your business processes.


We provide custom designs, problem-solving solutions, content marketing, social media optimization, and because we are journalists, we provide author solutions including ebook conversion, submission to retailers, editing services, and cover design.


We value your trust and so we honor our client’s confidentiality. No confidential information that we gather will be exposed on the web. We assure our clients that no proprietary information will be used except for the intended purpose.


We know a large part of your website is security and quality assurance and we install several processes to ensure that your website will meet the highest quality standards.
Working Together

Our Quality Assurance

Considering the time and resources invested in your website, we know that any issue reflects on your company. Our clients entrust us with their image and so we include a quality assurance approach.

Global Review: During the process of creating your website, an editor completes a global review of all aspects of your site to ensure that it meets top notch quality.

Client Review: As a client, you will have the chance to review your website in a staging environment to note any inconsistencies.

Pre-launch Checklist: Finally, prior to launching the website, we will do a line-by-line final check including getting client approval.

Our history

Our Birth

We came together in 1985 as young journalists who wanted to build a publishing empire. We purchased what was one of the first personal computers, a Mac Plus, and embarked on what became known as the Desktop Publishing Revolution. Back then, there were no printers so we had to travel into Los Angeles to output our newspapers to film. The whole idea of producing a newspaper without paste-up was unheard of. This lead to us becoming consultants to small business printers and graphic artists. In exchange for our tutorials, we were taught the tricks of the trade by some of the area’s leading craftsmen.

Pre-World Wide Web

Before there was an internet there were groups of individuals who would make their computers available to use as a bulletin board system. Late in the evenings, we would use our phone line to connect with others to exchange files, leave messages, and share tips. These were usually slow, painful experiences, that. Making matters worse, because it was conducted over the telephone, you could lose a night’s work of downloading if an incoming call threw you off-line. Even so, it was a great way to connect with other writers and computer geeks. All that changed in 1993/4 when dial-up internet services became mainstream. The allure of “you’ve got mail!” quickly surpassed the point-to-point connections of BBS systems. We soon learned that we could not only exchange calls with the members of the local LA Mac User Groups but people throughout the world.

You've got MailDynamic Web Pages

With the increasing availability of internet connections it soon became apparent that our clients could benefit from the ability to send their files to us using a simple interface. They would come to our “website” to upload a file at any time whether or not we were available. Remember there wasn’t an information highway at this point. This was long before Google or even search engines so we had to make the pages simple and self-explanatory. We began by teaching ourselves how to write the code that would be the beginnings of the internet. Soon, we began designing websites for others.

Lindsay Chamber Website

South Valley

Having 10 years of web design under our belt, we were surprised that so few businesses in the South Valley had their own websites. When we arrived in Visalia in 2006 we assisted the Lindsay Chamber to help them go online and businesses began to take notice. Since then, we have set up websites for many small businesses, chambers of commerce, the City of Exeter, museums, and more. However, there are still a lot of small businesses in the South Valley who don’t have websites. We hope to change that by offering low-cost, user-friendly options that require no technical skills.

Our Server

We are pleased to offer even more services to the business community of the South Valley with the addition of our server. We have partnered with inter server to provide low-cost, high-return web hosting services.

Our passion for what we do transfers into our services


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Happy Customers
April has been a loyal friend and of great assistance in helping me keep my websites and other pages up and running on the internet. She has saved my butt many times when all that technology gets so confusing to me (most of the time)

– Chris Brewer –bearstatebooks.com

Thanks so much for doing this for us! It looks GREAT and we are so thankful…And we are in a crunch with our budget this year… but we can afford $75!!! Very well worth what you did for us!!!!

– Sarah Tyler –ExeterChamber.com

Wow! You wasted no time! Everything looks good…Thanks for this April, I appreciate it.

– John Hall, Chief of Police –cityofexeter.com

April and Steve, That’s awesome! Thanks, both of you, for all your help on this! This logo really aids in promoting the RG in an attractive way.

– Eric H. Eichorn, San Francisco Regional Mensa –sfmensa.org

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