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Premium Website

Premium Website

  • ALL of the BASIC Plan, plus
  • 10 Email Addresses
  • Photo Gallery
  • Calendar
  • Social Media Integration
  • 8 Hours Monthly Tech Support and Maintenance


Includes everything in the basic plan plus a Photo Gallery, Calendar, and integration with your Social Media accounts.


Subscription PeriodSubscription PriceSubscribe
1 year$ 1,180.00
2 year$ 1,360.00
3 year$ 1,420.00

All Major Credit Cards


 Everything you need


Just for your company:

This plan is a step up from our basic plan in that it includes some additional software including a calendar, group messaging, and social media integration. All of our sites are designed specifically with your company in mind. Before we get started we will consult with you and get a feel for your business and design a website with your company's specific goals in mind. Then we will determine the best course of action.

Your website will include everything you need to have a successful site including blogging software, photo gallery, and search engine optimization.


Every customer is different that's why we do not provide cookie-cutter templates but design a website based on your company brand.

When we start development on your site, we will set up a demo site and provide you with at least 3 design alternatives. When you pick the one you like, we will tweak it until its just the way you want it.

Once approved we will fill your website with content that you provide and continue to make adjustments until you tell us to go live with the website. 


When you get a website from us you will get our legendary support.

Full Site Control

The sites that we install are based on Content Management Systems, giving you and your employees complete control of the content in an easy-to-manage administration area. You'll be able to open a simple editor and make changes or add new articles or images and the pages will change immediately. (No more having to wait for corrections)


  1. One-Time Setup Fee ($1000)

  2. Domain Name registration (First year, free)

  3. 1 year hosting on our server (12 months @$15 per month)

  4. 1 CMS Database
    Up to 15 email addresses

  5. Integration with your existing social media accounts
  6. Custom Designed Template Note: Please call us for a Free Consultation on how we can customize a website for your unique needs.

    Note: Please call us for a Free Consultation on how we can customize a website for your unique needs.

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