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eBook Conversion

eBook Conversion

If you're an author, the idea of offering your titles in electronic format, has been gnawing at you. You know that ignoring that medium is missing out on a vast audience of internet savvy readers. But you don't know where to start. Relax. Send us your Microsoft Word or PDF file, an image of your cover, and we'll take it from there. We will format your book so that it is compatible with eBook readers and distribute the book through our online retail partners-Apple iBookstore, Amazon.com, Sony, Barnes and Noble, Borders, Diesel books and more.


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 You have a book, now get it published!


Don't wait any longer:

You have written a book and are now interested in self-publishing it as an eBook.

We do the preparation so that you can publish the book at the popular eRetailers like as Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony and other eBook outlets.

We submit your file to the distributor

Our distributor partner will give your book its own ISBN number, included in our price, so that your book can be listed with the Books In Print catalog, a requirement for some retailers. It also makes it far easier for readers to find your book in search engines. The distributer will make sure the eBook complies with universal eBook standards before adding it to its catalog. If it does not comply, I will make the suggested adjustments and resubmit until it does comply. The time for acceptance after submission is 17 days or less. Once approved for distribution, the eBook will be added to the Premium Catalog Distribution group which includes:

  • Barnes & Noble
  • Sony Kobo (Borders)
  • Apple iBookstore (Germany, US, UK, France, Canada)
  • Diesel (various smart phone readers like Android)


Note: once it is added to the catalog, the book can take anywhere from days to months to be picked up by the major retailers. We've had exceptional good luck with this---for example, one book was offered less than 24 hours later. It all depends on how often individual retailers update their catalogs.


We can basically work with most any format, however here are some tips to assist you in successfully publishing your ebook.



Please submit the documents with the following guidelines in mind:


Microsoft.doc, size of 5 mb or less (unformatted is best); PDF or InDesign files are also acceptable

Image Limitations

Images and graphics should be kept to a minimum ‑10 percent or less—as these are being formatted for text readers that cannot load too many images. Images must be in jpg format and embedded in the Word document.  
(Note to cartoonists – cartoon books are a completely different ball of wax requiring superhero conversion tricks, alas! But don't lose hope, we are currently working on offering Cartoon, Comic, and Graphic Novel eBook conversions. Contact us for the scoop!)

Text Limitations

Tables cannot be aligned in a text reader so don’t use them.


Most eBook readers cannot read tabs so don’t use tabs to indent the line of each paragraph


A note about fonts: fancy fonts are often rejected by eBook readers. So it’s best to stick with one of the Web Standard Fonts (Verdana, Arial, Cambria, Times, Tahoma, etc.)


You may submit a pdf document of what you’d like the end project to look like. We will attempt to get as close as possible to your PDF. However eBook readers have several strict formatting rules that may prohibit exact duplication.


Cover Image

The cover image must be in jpg format. The best size is 500 pixels wide x 700 pixels tall at 72 dpi. The cover art should include title and author name. If you don’t have one we can produce one for an additional $75.00

Book Description: Please provide a book description of 400 characters or less; This will appear in the store listings so a good description is very important.


Free Sample

Some outlets, Kindle and iPhone, require that a percent of the book is available for preview purposes. The amount you designate should be between 15 and 30 percent. Please provide a percentage of the free sample to make available.


Next Steps

Add the eBook conversion to your shopping cart, and fill out the instructional information. We will contact you to make arrangements to accept your documents and images.

Need More?

COVER ART: If you don't have a book cover, we can prepare one for you.Check out our cover art design.

Amazon Only Submission: Many authors find success offering their eBooks on Amazon only. Check out our Amazon Kindle Conversion Plan.

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