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Social Media Starter Plan

Social Media Starter Plan

Whether you're "lost" when it comes to social media, don't have time to follow Twitter, or just need some help getting started, this package will lay the foundation for your company presence in the world of social media.


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Keep them coming back!


Engage your customers with social media. Facebook and Twitter aren't for everyone, but ignoring them might be hurting your business. We'll show you how your company can benefit by participating in social media marketing,


After having a consultation with you, we will set up accounts with three of the social media platforms that best meet your company's specific goals. Once created we will custom design your pages in keeping with your company brand. 


This package includes:

  • Customizing your profiles (up to 3 accounts of your choosing)
  • Create an email account to track your social media activity (so you're personal/company email accounts aren't overwhelmed).
  • Interlink your social media accounts with each other and to your website to make your marketing efforts more efficient.
  • Social Media Optimization aimed at increasing your company brand awareness and generating traffic to your company website and social media accounts. 
  • Finally, we will give you a comprehensive plan to go forward with your Social Media Marketing.


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