Pastis Enterprises is the online offshoot of H & P Publications and has been on the internet since the 80s. We started building websites to allow our print customers to easily transfer files for publication. Since that very small site, our business has grown so much that we added the Pastis Enterprises division to focus entirely on internet projects and shortly after that began offering web hosting. Our clients’ web projects range from simple web brochure-like pages to complex online communities and eCommerce websites.

Our Address:

  • P.O. Box 829
  • Visalia, CA 93279
  • T: (559) 492-7745

The People Behind Pastis Enterprises

Pastis Enterprises is a small two-person company located in central California but together we have more experience than many large corporations. The benefit to our clients is that they get years of publishing, marketing, and online experience and every one gets a one-on-one relationship without getting lost in a corporate maze.

April Pastis
Creative Developer, Web Designer and All Around Geek

AprilApril has such a passion for technical innovation and graphic design, we swear she’d be designing web pages even if she didn’t get paid. Back in the mid-80s, she convinced us to switch our entire production department to personal computers when the Macintosh was just a gleam in Steve Job’s eye. An award-winning journalist who ventured into the self-publishing field, she was enlisted by several print and publishing groups to train graphic designers on the value of the personal computer. She was present for what became known as the desktop publishing revolution. Always eager to learn, she traded her technical knowledge with the talents of graphic designers and became a sought-after graphic designer. Still not satisfied, April caught the wave of web design launching websites back when a telephone line was required to get on the internet. Since then, she’s been keeping us on the fast-track to ever-changing internet technologies. Her guiding theme: “If a customer needs it, I can figure out how to do it, and how to make it easily accessible for the client.”


Steve Pastis
CEO, CFO, Publisher, and All Around Great Guy

SteveSteve is the backbone of our company. He has been publishing special interest magazines and newspapers since the late 70s and is an expert in marketing, advertising campaigns, publications, and writing, In the late 70s, Steve launched the first newspaper targeted to the Greek-American community and, despite the warnings from established publishers, managed to make a profit on his first issue. Steve is our gregarious leader who we jokingly suggest “collects people.” Take a look at his Facebook page, and you’ll appreciate the huge range of contacts on his friends list, from musicians to car salesmen, and that’s just a small sampling of all his contacts. The benefit to our customers is that if you need something done and we can’t do it, Steve can and will put you in touch with someone who can. Steve is a man with vision, who understands the importance of knowing the long-term goals of our clients and how to accurately reflect and strengthen that message in their advertising, web marketing, and print campaigns. He also handles the record keeping, billing, shipping, and gathering and interpreting data to make sure that our company’s clients needs are met. His guiding theme: “Everybody likes me and I like everybody. Come tell me your dreams and lets make them a reality.”

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